Sunday, 16 May 2010

Retreats, workshops and puppies

Hi all ... well it's been a while again hasn't it!! Life seems to have been crazy busy, creatively and domestically and so I find myself having fallen by the wayside on my good blogging intentions but heh ho I'm here now :)

On the domestic front Oliver Pickles has well and truly become part of the family, but boy how quickly you forget how much time a puppy demands especially alongside still trying to give Stanley Dervish the attention he's got used to having, but I wouldn't be without them. They're hilarious and I think Stan quite likes Ollie now ... phew! Hubby also made it home from his volcanic ash adventures, he came home for a total of 24 hours, went off again but has been back for the last week and has been a star looking after us all while I have spent much needed time in the studio catching up with myself, however this is the chaos that is now my little crafty corner ... oops!

On the crafty front I had a fabulous day teaching at the Scrap-a-Jack retreat last weekend in Stratford-Upon-Avon. This was one of my classes 'Scrappy Time'

Made with corrugated card (all for the up cycling :)) and gorgeous Glitzy goodness from the Olivia line, oh and a real clock!

and this weekend I had a fabulous time doing one of my workshops at Bee Crafty. I let the girls loose with acetate, stamps and alcohol inks and they all created their own version of my reverse canvas. You can see mine here in my website gallery and here's a selection of what the girls created

I love the fact that each project came out completely differently (and the girls enjoyed getting messy :))

Talking of retreats and classes the Scrapping Angels retreat has been re scheduled for the 12th/13th of June after Anna's adventures thanks to the volcanic ash cloud. I believe there are a couple of spaces available so why not come along and play?

In between times I created a waterproof wall hanging for Purple Cows which will be available over on the PC blog as a free PDF soon

and also hosted designer Friday with some cards using hot foils with my Purple Cows laminator, more info can be seen here

There has been much more craftyness going on but the kind I have to wait to share with you :) So all that remains for me to say is ...

And Finally ...

Oliver tried to get in on the act of trying the cardboard snout on for size

Stan and I had a run in with some cows that were far too interested in us, even if they were in the next field my inate distrust of them made us abandon our walk as the cows, that we realised were bullocks, ran along the hedge trying to get us!!

Morning cuddles .... life aint so bad :)

Guard dogs extraordinaire???

and Oliies trip to the vets for his second puppy injections, Stan kept his 'arm' round him the whole way ... bless

and that vet trip also means today is the day we take Oliver out on the lead for the first time this afternoon ... look out!!!

Ok my lovely cyber buddies that's it from me, thanks for stopping by and until soon Happy Crafting
M x


  1. You busy beaver. I love the Glitz clock and I have to admit to a giggle at you and Stan being stalked by cows lol!

  2. Ooooo I love the clock too :) How lovely to see that they are getting on now. Oliver looks like a little teddy.

  3. Hello there Michelle, my you've been a busy lady again!
    I love the clock project, so many gorgeous layers;-)
    Your furry buddies are so cute and cuddly I'm surprised you ever get anything done, I'd be cuddling all day long!!!

  4. I love the clock project, wow its amazing! And your doggies are just adorable, wish you could bring them to the SA retreat in June LOL!