Tuesday, 15 May 2012

One little post before I go!

Hi all
Well tomorrow is M day ...... moving day! As you can imagine I am buried under boxes and all those last minute 'what do I do with that' things and packing the studio ..... well don't get me started LOL But all being well, with a good wind behind us we'll be off tomorrow to start a brand new adventure! I hope the sun shines!!!

So I thought I'd post a few bits before I go, thanks for all the lovely messages, some of you have been asking to see some of the samples I've had on tv .... so here's a couple (a lot of my 'stuff' has been packed so only been able to photograph a couple of bits :))

These were created for the Serif Craft Artist Steam Punk 4 day deal on create and craft TV back at the end of March .....

A hope chest ......

I made the chest out of chipboard and then designed my own decorative papers to cover it.The blend mode in the programme is fab for mixing the backgrounds to make my own papers and the photo real embellishments look great gathered together and shadowed to give that realistic touch

I printed some of the imges off multiple times to create some 3D embellishments and mixed them with some of my own crafty embellishments.

Then I created some scenes on paper to cover the inside of my chest.

This one is a reverse canvas filled with a photo of my niece

And some embellishments layered to make them 3D, with some imagery printed onto acetate to hang within the frame to create more depth

So that's a taster of some of my hybrid projects.

Just before I packed my studio up I completed a commission for scrap365, here's a sneak

to appear in the Sepember issue, I took great joy in getting messy with fibre paste and ink.... well until my new studio is settled I guess it will be a while before I can get messy in my craft room :)

And finally ....

The boys took a last spin in the fields

They don't know it yet but not only will they have fields to play in soon but loads of cliff walks and miles and miles of beach too ..... did I tell you I was a little bit excited??!!!

Ok so I'll sign off for now I will be back as soon as possible and hopefully writing to you from the comfort of my brand new studio! Until then ,as ever, I hope you are well, thanks for stopping by, I'll *see you* soon and of course.....
Happy Crafting
M x

Monday, 14 May 2012

Sketchy goings on!

Hi all

Well as the title suggests there are sketchy goings on today over at the sketchbook365 blog wanna play? Then why not pop on over to the blog and see the sketch from the lovely Wendy McKee and also see what the other members of the Scrap365 DT have come up with ..... there's loads of inspiration to be had and the best bit? You can add your designs too and be in for the chance to win a prize!

Here's my take on the sketch .....

Lots of Happy doodling as I'm in a happy mood, as the title says We're on the move, come Wednesday we will be all packed up (I hope if the packing fairies answer there invitations LOL) and on our way up to the North East .... I'm going home to my neck of the woods after 25 years of being away and I am soooo excited!

In close up I have layers of scrap paper, distressed of course :) and some doodled borders punched with a crop a dile and a doodled rainbow coloured with pencils (I love my colouring pencils and feel they've been somewhat neglected recently!)

The arrow embellishments are doodled

and the signpost is cut out from a photo of the sign at the crossroads at the end of our village ..... I'm hoping the next sketch will work as the second half to this layout so I can add a destination page to create a complete double layout :)

Why not hop on over to the Sketchbook365 blog, be inspired and play along with us, we'd love to see what YOU come up with and rememeber it can be anything inspired by the sketch, paper, digital and hybrid ..... everything is welcome ..... see you there :)

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you're well and happy and I'll *see you* soon until then as ever
Happy Crafting
M x

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

More catch up!

Hi there
I thought I'd better come back soon with the rest of the catch up that I started, all good intentions and all that:) So here we go .... here's the rest of the cruise pics

We went onto the Caribbean via several places including .....

Iles du Salut, an amazing tropical paradise where they filmed Papillion. Beautiful but weird thinking of all the terrible things that happened there .....

and the punch was lethal!

Mayreau ....

Well just breath taking a whole island just for our ship, they even took the ships bar over and we were served cocktails on our sun loungers!

and then into the Caribbean for a few days where amongst other things ....

We took a trip in a cable car through the top of the rainforest in St Lucia


And we swam with turtles .....

in Barbados

and then lastly the extra unexpeted suprise was the beautiful Azores ...

We fell in love with Ponta del Garda and my wonderful hubby bought me a gorgeous new dress and shoes .....

for valentines day and our last formal night on board ....

complete with a private table, a red rose and a new necklace ..... such a lucky girl! (memory created with craft arist)

Another piece of work to share with you for this post is my mini book....

in issue 2 of the Scrap365 magazine. It's all made with fabric and was lots of fun to create, there are steps in the magazine as well as photos of the other pages ;)

And finally ......

With all this rubbish weather we've been having ..... is it really May? This is where the boys can be found ..... cuddled up on my bed ..... think they have the right idea LOL

So that's it from me for now, I'm gonna be back Friday with the new sketch for the sketchbook365 blog ..... see you then!

I hope you're well and happy and as ever
Happy Crafting
M x

Sunday, 6 May 2012

BOO! It's been a long time!!!

Well as they say miracles do happen and todays miracle is that I'm actually here blogging! I know I've even shocked myself :)
So where have I been? What happened? Well I'm going to try and explain as quickly and shortly (is that correct English?) as possible!

I know I am so lucky to be able to do what I love as a living, to be able to craft all day is brilliant so please don't think I'm complaining but towards the end of last year I started to feel a little snowed under with so many projects on the go and deadlines to meet so I made some big decisions and started to step down from some of my responsibilities at the same time I needed to have a break from cyber space and well everything really!

Some of you may know that I went away with hubby on a 7 week cruise at the beginning of the year, working, but lucky me! I did intend to blog while away but with intermittent internet and basically switching off from everything my best laid plans got way laid and to be honest I think I feel all the better for the break. So please forgive me and I hope you will still follow my little corner of blogdom. I will not make any promises to be here on a set date or indeed at regular times but I wil try my best to share bits of my crafty life with you when I can.

So with all the apologising and explaining out of the way shall I share some pics? I guess the best place to start will be the beginning of the year and THAT cruise! I set sail for the Amazon on the 3rd of January loaded with crafty supplies galore! I taught a scrapbook class every sea day and we built a scrapbook album that covered every port of call - 22 pages in all! Hard work but I had the best time and met some great people who let me show them how to ink, ditress and generaly get messy :) As I don't want to bombard you with all my pics I'm gonna pic my faves to share with you!

Before we crossed the equator we went to Amsterdam, Lisbon, Funchal and Mindelo ....

The Equator crossng was soooo hot I can't even tell you! Amongst lots of places in the Amazon ...

We went to the Equator line in Macapa .....

It rained, well it was rainy season in the rain foret region! But we got to kiss in both hemispheres!

We met fabulous locals ....

These kids in Almeirim were brilliant practising their English

We discovered a hidden gem of a full scale beach resort ...

The background of this digi layout created wih Craft artist is the actual beach we went to....

And Chris reckoned he'd swallowed an actual ant after swimming in the river!

We sailed to the meeting of the waters in Manaus.....

where the black and yellow rivers meet, an amazing experience!

I hugged a Sloth ....

in the most inspirational village of Boca de Valeria

and we went fishing for piranah....

in Santarem!

From the Amazon we sailed on to the Caribbean but I'll save those pics for next time :) It was truly an amazing experience!

As well as all my trip pics to share I have some work pics too but I'll also do them gradually :) so first up is this.....

My stuff it book which is my version of the popular smash book, oh I really enjoyed making this and will definitely make more AND use them for all my bits and bobs! If you want to see more pics and read how I did it you'll need to get issue 1 of Scrap365 magazine, which I am pleased to say is going from strength to strength and is so full of inspiration of all crafty kinds it's ridiculous

And Finally for those of you that used to stop by, as well as any new passers by, what about Stan and Ollie? Well they are doing just fine

Ollie is as cheeky as ever

and Stan is just my lovely hansome boy!

So that's it for now, time for me to stop whittering, you see once I start it's hard to shut me up LOL, It's good to be back and I do hope you'll stop by soon, I will be here ..... honest :)
Until then as ever.... I hope you're well and Happy Cafting
M x