Friday, 7 October 2011

A Glitzy time with 3 Jolly Scrappers

Hi all
Last week I was lucky enough to be able to teach an all day workshop for 3 Jolly Scrappers, made all the more exciting by being able to use some of the yummy new Glitz Designs products, even before I had managed to get my hands on my fantabulous DT kit so I thought I would share pictures of the layouts we created in class.

Then and Now
This was the first layout we created. I used the idea of a previous Glitz project I created here and it was fun to use all the lovely blues in the new Vintage Blue line for a monochrome front... a contrast to the pop of colour from the new Dance in sunshine line. These two lines mix brilliantly together, that flash of green either side of the central strip across the centre is the green side of the raindrop paper.

The vintage blue paper layers created some lovely embellishments, and also the frames around my photos

and with scraps of the papers and some of the paper layers we created some lovely paper flower embellishments with beads set in glossy accents for the centres. As it was a class kit we had other product mixed in, but the new Teeny Alphas from Glitz would work brilliantly on this project as would the super cute What Nots.

Next up we created a layout using the lovely colour combo of Dance in Sunshine

This is our Happily ever after
I LOVE the colours in this collection! And the splash of red from the aida in the kit works brilliantly.

We splattered the 12 x 12 base with a co-ordinating green paint and did lots of distressing

And then lots of paper cutting in strips, hand cut scallops and circles allowed me to include as many of the yummy colours from the line as I could, well it would be rude not to!

Then finally the Dance in Sunshine paper layer created a great title for my layout and the birds and hearts cut from another paper layer made some cute embellishments.

So that was 2 layouts down but I couldn't resist creating this from what we had left

My Guy
This was a great way to use up our left overs with some clever paper piecing and again also shows how these two lines work so well together.

I love the frame cut out from the reverse side of the Dance in Sunshine stripe paper backed with a paper layer to create a title block.

And a cute strip of bunting cut from the raindrop paper finished off the layout, tying it all together.

I really enjoyed sharing the Glitzy goodness with the ladies at the workshop and loved combining 2 of the fabulous new lines to do it.
Here's what I used
Glitz Designs Vintage Blue papers; Floral, Polka, Rose, Toile
Glitz Designs Vintage Blue paper layers
Glitz Designs Dance in Sunshine; Floral, Polka, Raindrops, Stripe
Glitz Designs Dance in Sunshine paper layers

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you're well and happy and until soon Happy Crafting

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

A spooky twist with Banana Frog

Hi all

Just a quicky to drop this off

My project of the day on the Banana Frog blog. A little spooky twist using the fairytale princess castle ... yes really :) Pop on over to the Lilly pad for my project.

I hope you're well and happy, see you Friday with 2 posts and until then Happy Crafting!
M x

Sunday, 2 October 2011

A quick catch up

Hi all
Well I did promise (kind of) to be a better blogger and seem to have fallen at the first week but I have a reason honest! I've been a bit poorly sick ... I was struck down with a naughty cold type virus last weekend and it's taken a while to drag my sorry self back to normality (whatever that is!) BUT I am still alive and in one piece and laying catch up with life so here goes!

Last week was crazy busy leading up to the pre launch of the new scrapping magazine Scrap 365, the response has been AMAZING and the blog hop was great, what a talented bunch of scrappers we have on board. The 1st issue is well on it's way and finishing touches are being done .... exciting! Also you can now subscribe on line! Check out the blog post 29th Sept on the blog!

Just before the blog hop, hubby was home for a whole week (shock horror) so we took a trip down to the West Country to visit his family.

Grandad had a spelling lesson with Sophie

We all went out for dinner and the girls tackled the most obscene pudding I have ever seen! Mountains of ice cream, cream, chocolate bars and smarties! Even they got beat so Sophie and Dylan had to help out .. then came the sugar rush!

So off we went to the beach to walk it off

What an amazing sunset!
It was Ollies first time on the beach but he soon got into the spirit! A mad chase with another dog saw Stan and Ollie launching into the sea, Stan took it all in his stride but I wish I had a picture of Ollie's face when the sudden realisation hit him that he was swimming. It would be titled 'how the? How did I get here' trust me it was hilarious and even funnier was seeng hubby having the 'shall I dive in?' dilemma

back to the house for cuddles before bedtime, and then the long drive home!

Oo I got some new glasses too last week, I was so excited! (ignore the pink hair in bad need of a dye job LOL)

Turquoise and black

Pink and Purple.
I have always wanted glasses in different colours to swap about with my moods and this is the start of my collection. In fact I took hubby in for an eye test when I picked up the new specs and he treated me to 2 newpairs that are more dressy, just think purple sparkly LOL Lucky me :) I'll share pics when I have them(and I'll dye my hair before I take the pics!)

Last Sunday I had a FAB time teaching an all day workshop at 3 Jolly Scrappers. If you are close enough to get to any of their workshops please go, everyone there is so lovely, lunch is delicious and you even get afternoon tea with homemade cake!! I will share pcs of the layouts we created soon, they're coming up in my Glitz Designs post on the 7th but in the mean time here are some pics of the lovelies I spent the day with.

Then the lurgy struck so that's all I have to catch up with apart from AND FINALLY ..

Stan and Ollie hugs on the way down to the West Country

They make my heart melt

2 very soggy, sandy happy dogs after their adventures on the beach. The kids were happy too even if Dylan looks very serious, he was told not to do a cheesy grin so that's the face we got LOL

So that's been my week and a bit since our last visit except for one other little excitement that perked me up no end ... I got our tickets for next years 80's rewind festival, don't know who's on yet but I'm looking forward to it already whoop whoop! I'll be back on Tuesday with a Banana Frog project, until then I hope you're well and happy and until soon, as ever, Happy Crafting
M x