Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Scrap-a-Mia ... YAY!

Hey all

Life has been crafty crazy busy at the art tart towers this week getting ready for my trip to Southampton to teach at the Scrap-a-Mia retreat at the weekend and I have to confess I am super excited, if not a little over awed, to be teaching alongside some uber talented Crafters; Dina Wakley, Celine Navarro and Emma Trout gulp!

We have just found out today that 3 places have unexpectedly become available .... so fancy playing? .... Go on I know you're tempted! Visit here to see what it's all about and call 01935 422499 NOW to snag one of these coverted places!

All you will need is some clothes and photos ... I happen to know that the amazing organisers supply everything else ... trust me they will really look after you! So what are you waiting for? come along it will be great to see you!

What? You want a sneak of my class? well go on then ...

It's one of my 3D projects with a scrapbooking Glitzy twist and is oh so 'tweet' as for the other classes ... all I can say is I wish I had time to do them, they look AMAZING! You'll just have to come along t see for yourself!

I have also been busy getting my Glitz post done for this month going live tomorrow :) and also prepping for a Serif Craft Artist Platinum Pick of the week launching live on create and craft with a 2 hour show live at 12 noon!! (I'll just fit that in before I hightail it down to Southampton to prep my scrap-a-mia class!!) So busy, busy but Happy, happy! I ohpe you are too and hope to see you at the weekend :)

See you in cyber space tomorrow :)
M x