Friday, 14 November 2014

An upcycled canvas with a secret

Hi all

Well where did the last month go?? Life has a nasty way of interfering doesn't it? and it seems someone upstairs has their finger pressed firmly on the fast forward button of life, is time speeding by for you too? Anyway I'm not here to waffle LOL I'm here to drop this off
My latest creation for the Scrap365 blog inspired by some modern Mexican artisans.

It started with this...

.... lots of upcycling, using up some of the bits I snaffle away and a little getting messy!! To see how this pile of 'stuff' turned into my canvas and what the secret is hop on over to the Scrap365 blog for a step by step post :)

Before you go it's been nice to *see you* I'm trying to get back into my cyber routine now and will be back with you soon for a quick catch up and round up of my last month .... see you then!

I hope you're well and happy and, as ever, until next time
Happy Crafting


  1. Michelle, where are you? I dutifully refresh every day but there are no new posts! Missing your pearls of wisdom and education. Hope you are OK.

  2. Please come back! Could you let us know when you are going to be on C and C? I dutifully record ALL your shows as you have such a great teaching style.

  3. Please come back to your blog!!