Friday, 16 July 2010

Love those meeces to pieces!

Hi all!
Still alive here :) just busy, busy!!!

Just wanted to pop in and drop this off

Todays project from Moi over at It's a creative world and full destructions can be seen in my post over there. A really fun, quick easy little sewing project ... I know me sewing but I had the urge LOL (and I use the term sewing loosely!! They're 'shabby chic' LOL)

This past few weeks has seen a few new things for me to play with, not least the Serif Digital scrapbook artist 2 which I LOVE and took on Create and Craft TV for the pick of the week at the beginning of the month even though it only survived 44 hours and 42 minutes before selling out :) It really is awesome and I will post a few of my creations and more info very soon when I have a little more time!

At the moment I am prepping for a Purple Cows show (that I will probably have done by the time you read this!) on Create and Craft today and I have to leave here at 4am for an 8am show ouch!! Can't wait for you to see the birthday cake I have made with the trimmer though ... I love it even if I say so myself LOL

Since I was here last I also saw my husband for a whole 6 days and actually took some time off for a picnic and dinner out shock horror, oh and the boys have had hair cuts ... Oliver has dramatically shrunk LOL but more of all that and pics in the next real life post I do ... soon... honest! and it will be full of pretty pictures and sneaks of the oh so yummy new Glitz lines (you can see them here if you can't wait! ... swoon!!!)

Sorry to type and dash but I must! I hope you're all well and happy and until very soon Happy Crafting!!
M x

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  1. Love the mices and even better that your hubby lead you astray and you had picnic and dinner! Looking forward to the haircut pictures.