Monday, 13 September 2010

Lilypad lesson

Hi all

Today I have a rather festive, edible, stamping treat posted on the Banana Frog blog for my Lilypad lesson ... want to see? ... ok here it is...

A quite spectacular Christmas cake fit to grace any festive table!

I know it's only September but Christmas has a way of sneaking up doesn't it? so I feel it's never to early to start those seasonal plans and with the new Christmas Banana Frog stamp releases I couldn't resist getting into the festive spirit! In fact it's been somewhat a festive month for my posts at the Lilypad and I have another to share on the 25th to complete it!

I have used one of my favourite stamping techniques for the decorations ... triple embossing

and if you'd like to see the full step by step project hop on over to the lilypad and check out my post :)

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you're all well and happy andI'll be back soon, until then Happy Crafting

M x

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