Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Hi all

Just a quick sorry from me!
I know I said I would post those missing Banana Frog blog hop pics today and have a chat but it's been a funny old day and well .... you'll have to wait one more day! I would do it tonight but Hubby is off to work for 3 weeks in the morning so I want to spend some time with him :) especially as he was such a Valentine star with roses, cd's, sweety love hearts left everywhere AND cooking dinner last night (with pink fizz ofcourse!) The boy done good :)

I WILL be back tomorrow, I hope you're all well and happy
Hasta manana
M x

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  1. Hi Michelle

    Just wanted to say thanks for the really helpful demo at CHSI, and for helping me with all those questions afterwards. Hope the rest of your time at the show went well. I'm looking forward to sitting down with my new software later this week and playing with it until I have mouser's wrist*.

    * A new and self-inflicted crafting condition...