Friday, 29 July 2011

A Huge thankyou!

Hi all

So this is weird ... this is me blogging without having a Team project to share, this is me blogging, well, just as me really!

I just wanted to post a Huge thankyou to everyone that tuned in to Create and craft for the aazing POW shows I had with Serif Craft Artist and the American crafts bundles last week. Thankyou for all your support and lovely messages and the over whelming amount of Birthday wishes you sent me .... It really means a lot when you take the time to contact and to all those that managed to grab the POW before it sold out I hope you enjoy it!

I thought I would share a few pics that were taken in the studio, it really can't be called work it's too much fun!

Me and Nigel May being visited by 'super hero' magic hands

Having too much fun on set!

And this is one of my favourite digi layouts I did for the show .... it is on my studio door now :)

There is a lot of prep for the TV shows and Stan and Ollie do get a little fed up with me sitting on the computer for days

luckily as it is digi crafting I can set my lappy up on my little table and sit on the settee comfy creating but it also means the boys can get to me

and they got so fed up they kept sitting on the mouse mat on my knee LOL And yes I am in my dressing gown, it was about 2am! (honest it was LOL)

Well I quite enjoyed my little catch up, maybe I should do more of this chatting thing LOL, I'm off now to post for the frog hop tomorrow, Project of the day on the 4th and to create some Layouts for Glitz. I hope you're well and happy, thanks for stopping by and until soon Happy Crafting!
M x


  1. Saw some great layouts on your shows, wanted to Pinn them on Pinterest! Is there anywhere we can find them? Glad it all went well.

  2. Hey you, nice to see some blogging just about you (and the boys). Also nice to see some shots of you in the studio. You do look like you're having fun :)