Monday, 6 August 2012

TIME to get back on track!!

Hi there!

Well I am still alive.... Just about LOL. The last time I was here I told you that I was moving house and may not be around for a while, however, I didn’t intend my absence to be this long!

The move went well and was relatively easy actually and we are ridiculously happy living up here, I am so pleased to be home in my beloved North East although I still find it weird I can see my family and friends easily and leave them knowing it won’t be months or indeed years until I see them again. This is a digi page I made using Serif Craft artist professional and the Daisy Trail digi kit Welcome

Our lovely quirky house that I have been nesting in. Every box and bag is now unpacked and we are surrounded by all our nick knacks, works of art gathered from our travels and sparkly bits, all we are now waiting for are the new sofas promised 2 weeks ago but that’s a whole other story!!  

In amongst the move Hubs has spent a lot of time away working and I‘ve been a busy bee with create and craft tv shows and scrap365 magazine deadlines.

Now it’s all settling it’s quite strange to find I have some time to finally do some things that I want to do, getting to grips with my blog and finally re launching my website being some of the things on my list!

Today I’ve been reading one of the books that my mum and dad got me for my birthday recently and it’s one of those books that landed in my path at just the right time.

Pam Carriker, the author and the other talented artists that have contributed to the book seem to be speaking to me right now, does a book ever do that to you? I have recently found myself a little stifled creatively and know that it is down to me, I let life take over and chores and tasks overwhelm me sometimes and leave myself no time to ‘play’ I’ve lost the joy of my hobby a little along the way and that makes me sad but I am starting to feel the quiet knock of mojo and the itching of the fingers and intend to create time to ...... well create! I also enjoyed reading the section on cyber space and laughed out loud as I realised I am not alone in getting lost in the black hole at times and that it is ok to limit computer time and manage my visits to cyber space to connect, to share and to enjoy again.

So basically I need to manage my time, allow myself time to create like I used to without that slight guilt feeling I get and also not to pressure myself into constantly visiting cyber space (‘you don’t’ I hear you cry .... LOL ... what I mean is I worry when I don’t visit cyber space and feel pressure to do it and then start to really dislike it which is another thing that makes me sad) and I want to discover the joy of blogging again like I used to.

I will be looking to this lady for some inspiration

Frida Kahlo, one of my artistic heroines. This is a digi piece of home decor I created for my craft room using the daisy trail kit Gypsy Rose; the colours are perfect for that Mexican folk art feel.

And I will be looking here daily for inspiration

The fabulous North East coast that I have missed so much

And where I take the boys most days..... Needless to say they love it and have been brushing up on their swimming skills LOL

Well hopefully I haven’t waffled too much and hopefully I’ll be back soon to share some more thoughts and crafty projects so until soon, as ever, I hope you are well and happy and I’ll leave you with this thought ...

Created with Daisy trail digi kit thanks

Happy Crafting


M x


  1. it was great to see you back on C&C - am still a novice when it comes to CAP but I have learnt so much from you, I actually bought it after seeing one of your shows way back in the year.

    *feeds mojo chocolate and alchol*

  2. Looks a really lovely home... love quirky..
    Would love to be close to the sea

  3. I was just thinking about you today! I was making a mini book about our time at Scrap-a-Mia last year and then you pop up in my reader. Good to see you back!

  4. Hello Missus. House looks lovely and I haven't seen any boy photos for awhile. Enjoy the book and the me time.

  5. I can't wait to hear you on C&C soon, to see if your accent changes the longer you're back up North:-) We went to the North East on holiday last year, for the first time in a very long while and loved it, as did our dogs too.
    Long may this happy time in your life last.

  6. Lovely to have you back, I'm so pleased you're now settled and beginning to enjoy life in the beautiful North East, I know you'll find inspiration on the fabulous beaches.
    Looking forward to seeing you back on C&C soon.
    Great to have you back

  7. Hello Lovey
    The house looks fab and I'm so glad that all the unpacking has finished. Want to come to ours...we've still not unpacked all the boxes from 11 years ago!

    Have a great festival and I hope it stays dry for you.