Monday, 13 August 2012

Time flies as usual!

Well hello again!

Ok I know a week has passed already.... how? I don’t know but at least I am here again with only 7 days to catch up on .... I count that as a small miracle ;) Actually talking of time I read a fabulous quote today which sums up me and my nemesis

Time sometimes flies like a bird, sometimes crawls like a snail; but a man is happiest when he does not even notice whether it passes swiftly or slowly’
Ivan Turgenev

Right now it seems time has flown since last I sat here to write but looking back I think I haven’t noticed the passing of time as I’ve been happy in my pottering so that’s a good thing right?

So what do I have to share? Well I have been happy reading the books recently acquired from mum and dad and getting those creative juices flowing again, this one

As ever has made me smile, think and start getting messy again. I find Claudine Hellmuth a real inspiration and can tell you she is a lovely lady after being lucky enough to meet her at CHA a couple of years ago :)

I created this in ‘Michelle style’ after leafing through this fab book. Its part of something I’ve been creating this week that I can’t share yet but will soon.... promise! I urge you, if you like to dabble in different techniques, to snag a Claudine book or two and get playing.... it will make you happy ... it has me!

Lots of you have been asking about the Serif craft artist samples I’ve had on TV and where you can see them ... I will be putting them in my website gallery when I get the website ship shape again but will share this one with you

One of my favourites from the recent Paula Philips 4 day deal it uses Love in the air digi kit and is a layout showing the 2 grandchildren ... soon to be 3!

There is something special happening in cyber space too that I want to share. It’s called

And is the brain child of the lovely BerniceHopper. It’s a celebration of British scrappers, altered artists, art journallers and artists ... a great idea and some great British talent to get to know if you don’t know them already! (Yours truly will be interviewed on there at the end of September) Go and check it out when you’ve finished visiting here and be inspired!

Talking of being inspired, being excited about being home in the North East still hasn’t worn off and I am inspired daily

Enough said!

Back to the time thing (again!) I don’t know where the last year has gone but I am again on countdown for the Rewind 80’sfestival this weekend. This was last year

Created with Serif Photo projects, lifestyle kit. We had THE BEST time and know we will again this year, although this year we have opted to go glamping instead of taking an hotel room.... 1st time ‘under canvas’ for us both although it is a cloudhouse and not a tent and is supplied with a bed, bedding, fluffy rugs and tea lights ... but it’s still ‘camping’ right? I don’t think we’ll be very good at it but we’ll have a blast along the way.... please feel free to start doing sun dances for us now ... I’m dancing like fury LOL!

And finally, my boys.....

Settling in and purveying all that they own!

Enjoying the TORRENTIAL downpours we have had and thinking I’ve installed their own private swimming pool as the patio flooded!!

And one soggy, happy Stanley dog, Ollie wouldn’t stay still for a decent pic :D

Well that’s it I think, oh we got 2 new sofas delivered finally this week (don’t ask!) and the old one taken away today so a new chapter now really begins :) I'll leave you with this

made with Paula Phillips digi kit and Serif craft artist

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you’re well and happy and as ever until soon

Happy Crafting
M x

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  1. Enjoy the glamping and the boys look fab. The peeks look great as usual. Roll on reveal.