Friday, 24 May 2013

Purple coloured winners!!

Hi all

Thanks for all the lovely comments you have left over my Purple Ronnie inspirational disc giveaway, they have made me smile, laugh and feel quite humbled! I'd love to have all of you as winners (that's why the cup on telly is so much easier!) but I have randomly picked 3 winners from here and also from the post on FB for those of you that had trouble commenting here.
Margaret Hourigan, Karen Seal and Yvonne Peel can you please PM me on FB with your addy's.

Thanks again to everyone for playing along. I'll be back soon for a little life catch up. In the meantime I am working away in my ever growing design studio (I've now spread into hubs room!!) being inspired by some great artists and trying to stay warm in this horrible weather ... May? no me thinks more like November!!!

So until soon, as ever, I hope you are well and happy, stay safe and warm and
Happy Crafting


  1. Hope you're well in the frozen's not much better down here lovely girl! You know Andy doesn't need all that space so it's gone to a good home!

  2. Hi Michelle
    How are You? I have been watching you on TV today, demonstrating Serif. You are a whiz at it Michelle. I have that and quite a few kits. I have other programs of Serif as well.
    I would just like to say Michelle what a lovely bubbly person you are and when you demonstrate it makes one feel that we can achieve some of the things you do. Good luck in all you do and best wishes to hubby and the boys.

  3. Love all your demos.Would love a chance to win one of your cds.xx

  4. Always watch you when you are on C&C tv. Your tips and layouts are first rate! I have made birthday cards and loads of other projects using Serif Craft Artist. But, I adore your designs and would love to learn crossing tightly here! :)