Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Has it been so long???

Hi all

Sneaking in to remove the dust covers, open the curtains and let some air in to my little corner of blogdom!

I really cannot believe it has been so long! I had to giggle to myself when I read the last post and made a comment about it not being May like weather but more like November .... prophetic? Or am I just rubbish LOL

I guess I need to find some love for blogging again, I know I posted ages ago about this very subject. I used to love blogging and leaving little bits of my life here in cyber space but think I got a little jaded with it all, being on so many design teams at one point when blogging was not an option as I posted my regular DT projects every month. As life got busier in other ways I had to part company with a lot of those lovely companies and suddenly I was free to choose when I blogged. I intended to take a little time off but it's like going on a holiday, it takes me a little while to resume normal life and I guess my blog has suffered the most. Anyway no excuses and no apologies that's the way it is, however I am going to try and get back into the groove and hopefully will make it back here a little more often ..... but no promises right??!!

I am stacking up some posts now, basically having a blogging day ;) There will be catch up bits, up to date bits and hopefully lots of crafty bits :)

But to end this post the first thing I am going to drop off is this link to the Scrap365 blog

.... there is a blog hop and you still have time to join in for the chance to win the new American Crafts Autumn Crisp collection. There is loads of lovely inspiration on the blogs of some of my fellow DT members on the mag so go on why not indulge and be inspired and remember to read the rules, post along the way and you could win all those goodies! Why am I not in the blog hop? Too busy this month but I will be playing along with the next one ;)

Right my crafty lovelies and anyone who has stumbled along here by chance I will get this posted and keep writing some more posts and who knows maybe it will be worth popping back really soon!

Until then, as ever, Happy Crafting!

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