Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Froggity Blog Hop

Hi all

Well here we are half way through the year eek! I hope the sun has been shining with you all and to celbrate acyually seeing the sun this year the Blog Hop theme for the froglets at Banana Frog is Summer, click on the link if you missed out so far and catch all the froggy inspiration on the hop!

So I was sitting in the garden and thought 'when is a boring garden table not a boring garden table?'

When it's been Banana Frogged LOL

For this little project to jazz up my table I used the new Totally tropical stamp set and some summery coloured stayz on.

I started in the middle with the big corner stamp and stamped around the centre of the table. I like mixing my colours of ink on the stamp, this one was done with yellow and pink round the edges

Then I stamped around the outside edge of the table.

I then added the delicate flourish of tropical flowers using yellow and teal ink. I added them in the gaps between the corner stamps around the centre and around the edge of the table.

Then to finish off some lovely Pink flowers.

I continued to build up the design ...

...and voila, my table is not so boring, in fact I feel totally tropical when I sit out in the garden now and I feel some accessories coming on ... keep an eye out for next months colour focus to see what I came up with :)

Thanks for hopping by and your next stop is with the lovely and oh so talented Audrey. Enjoy the rest of the hop and I'll see you soon oh and don't forget to tret yourself in the frog shop you could win a whopping £50 worth of stamps of your choosing!!
M x

Ps Friday 12 noon I'll be launching the Pick of the week on Create and craft tv if you feel so inclined to tune in :) It's a great product and I am having the best time playing with it!!
M x


  1. That is quite possibly the biggest Banana Frog project I have ever seen. Amazing!!

  2. Hiya Michelle, lovely to see your creations, wouldn't want to stand around your house too long think I might get stamped:)xxx

  3. Love the garden, so you should be spending some quality time there - at you new;y decorated table. !

  4. As always something a bit different, love it,

    Colette x.

  5. lovely garden love what you have done
    chrissy o xx

  6. Pull up a chair and enjoy a cocktail or too at your newly decorated table and dream you're in Mexico :)

  7. What a fab idea - makes me wish I had a garden with a table to alter!! Thanks for the inspiration, Esther

  8. That's such an original idea! I've seen tables revamped with paint, mosaic, fabric covers, even stickers... but never one that's been decorated with stamps and staz-on! So colourful and cheerful. One of the most imaginative uses for stamps that I have seen.

  9. That has totally transformed your table - very pretty!!! Kirsti xx

  10. Amazing...what a great idea. Perfect for a glass of Pimms!!


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  12. Love the idea and decorating the glass table!!