Friday, 25 June 2010

A quick catch up!!

Hi all

Well it's been a while hasn't it! I was doing so well with my scheduled posts and thought I was so ahead of the game then someone shouted 'scream if you want to go faster' and my world started going full tilt LOL Busy, busy, busy but it's all good and I'm just holding on tight to the roller coaster that is my life at the moment and enjoying the ride :)

So I thought I should pop in and do one of my 'live' posts. I can't believe the 2nd of June was the last one eek! Where have I been? Sadly enough I just had to get my diary out to remember LOL with teaching and telly and hubby to and fro at silly o'clock day and night my poor brain is addled.

Hubby is as busy as me, I think my car could find it's own way to the airport, I just wish people would book him on flights at a normal human being time, I'm rather tired of seeing 4am LOL. (and was rather surprised to know there were two 4 o'clocks in one day LOL)

I've done 2 more shows on Ideal World/Create and craft since my last visit. I NEVER thought I would actually say I'm enjoying telly ... but I am :) Everyone there is so lovely and makes it so easy. Of course it's meant I've had to create lots of Purple Cows samples and over time I will share them with you as they get published over at the ranch :)

I've also been teaching. Mid month I was at the Scrapping angels retreat and had a fab time with all the ladies. I will share my Glitzy classes with you soon and I would share photos of the classes but can't find the pictures I took (I'm working between 2 computers and 2 hard drives at the moment!!) :( However I do have pictures of last weekends workshop at Bee crafty.

I work shopped my pop up pirate ship (in my web gallery and shop!) A tall order but all the ladies were up for the challenge and we had a blast, they created some great projects!

I've been on 2 product training days too. I was on my way to one of them and got stuck in traffic!

I couldn't resist that photo LOL

The first training day I was very honoured to be in the company of Julia Andrus, a crafting goddess with an amazing story and an amazing company Eco Green crafts and I have to say products that I LOVE!!! The acrylic paint is like nothing I've ever used before and I urge you to get some and have a play! That day inspired this

Live today on the Banana Frog blog with step by step instructions, hop on over (after you've finished reading my waffle LOL) and check it out!

My second training day was fab too and I'm playing with a 'new to me' product, I will share soon, I promise, when I'm allowed to ... I am super excited about it though and it will be something you won't expect from me :)

Now I've written this down it doesn't look a lot, what HAVE I been doing LOL but that's it, the quick catch up on life in my world so I guess all that remains to say is ...

and finally ...

My boys are a constant source of entertainment and of course unconditional love. Ollie is growing up fast and really is the yin to Stan's Yan.

Although not quite big enough to get on the settee himself yet, he mithers me until I put him up there much to Stan's disgust .... goodness knows what will happen when he CAN get up there by himself!!

But they are cute together at times ... were does one end and one begin??

And this was just after Oliie's favourite new past time .... emptying the water bowl! He seems quite partial to an indoor swimming pool, I think I may buy him a paddling pool LOL!

Well that's it my crafty friends, enough of my waffling! I hope the sun has been shining with you and that you're well and happy. I'll be back soon .... honest :)
Thanks for stopping by, happy crafting!
M x


  1. Step away from the paddling pool it will get worse lol. Trust me I'm the mother of toddlers :-).

  2. Nice to have you back and cute photo of the boys. If you get the paddling pool I want to see the photos :-)

  3. Hi there Michelle, poor you what a busy time, still you managed quite a lot of crafting:)
    Looking forward to your new product mmm I wonder what it could be??? Big Hugs xx

  4. oh you have a new little boy too... i've just read through all your old blog posts and you are a great blogger! i love it... so i'm having a trawl through this one now!