Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Funny old week!

Hi all!
Well here I am writing this post live! I write every post live of course but the past few have been scheduled posts in my absence ... Don't you just love technology :) sad I know but this stacking up of scheduled posts has only just occured to me to keep the posts coming when I'm busy ... oh I can be a bear of little brains sometimes!

Anyway I thought it would be nice to actually drop in and say hi and catch up. So yes a funny old week I've been on't telly :) For those that saw it thankyou for all the lovely messages you have sent me :) I was on Create and Craft on Wednesday launching the new Purple cows hot/cold laminator and also some trimmers, it was live for an hour, I was scared but I survived and surprised myself by actually starting to enjoy it :) Having worked in theatre and entertainment for so long it was very wierd being the wrong side of the cameras!! Then they were foolish enough to ask me back on Sunday to do a 2 hour show on Ideal world. I was with the lovely Leonie and we had a blast. Needless to say that is where I have been, busy prepping for the show and making samples and I have to give a big shout out to all the cow girls across the pond for the wonderful samples they sent me ... you all rock!

Talking of Purple Cows one of my projects was published this week here where, as you will see, you can download the FREE PDF instructions to make your own and when you've finished on my blog (yep you don't get away that easily LOL) Hop on back to the pasture and peruse all the cow girls projects and have a purpleicious time downloading the FREE pdf's till your hearts content :)

Here are some pics of my project ... A Waterproof wall hanging

A lovely memory of me and my husband swimming with the dolphins in our beloved Mexico

The layouts are laminated in 12 x 12 Purple cows Hot pockets with the new hot/cold laminator

Although you can build up the layouts quite a bit within the hot pockets (up to 1/8th'') I like to add extra embellishments and dimension to the outside.

A while ago I had a blog giveaway and the lovely mustavcoffee was my winner. I shared with you a lovely thankyou card she sent me using some of the goodies and have spied this on her blog using some more of it, very cute :) (oh and mustavcoffee the compass stamp I used in my Glitz post is from Glitz designs yummy isn't it:))

There isn't really a lot else to report at the moment, I've just been busy with the TV and my scheduled posts have taken care of keping you up to date with the creative stuff so all that remains to say is ...

And finally ...

Oliver Pickles had his first official lead walk a week or so ago ... he's growing up fast!

Stan took him into his field .... literally! I think it was a vain attempt to lose him

It took Ollie a while to get out!!

But he did and for those of you that have tuned into my blogs for a while (in fact way back when it was on my website!) here's 'little dog on the prairie 2!!'

But they are great friends and this is their favourite place when I'm sat on the computer, it renders my wheelie chair useless but I wouldn't be without them :)

And so that's it, here endeth my waffle! I hope you're all well and happy, thanks for stopping by and until soon Happy Crafting



  1. Hi Michelle, welcome back, just wanted to say what a generous lady you are, Thank you so much for your kind mention. Without your kind gift my card would not have appeared at all:-)
    I have been watching the shows on C&C and am most impressed with your seemingly effortless performances, well done.
    I love your inspirational work and your lovely little furry boys, big hugs, xx

  2. Love the piccies of the boys their so cute!

  3. Hi Michelle, just watched the recording i'd made of the show you did on ideal world last Sunday (I don't get create & craft :-() and wow it was fabulous. I loved the samples and your style of demoing - really looking forward to doing your class next Saturday evening at scrapping angels retreat. Hugs xxx