Saturday, 13 November 2010

Tis me!!!!

Hi all!

Yep tis me!! Although the old bloggity blog has been ticking over nicely with DT posts that I schedule to do their magic by themselves I have recently realised it's July since I was here in person ... eek!! So I thought I would drop by and say 'yoo hoo' and do a quick catch up on life in general, I'll try not to make it too long even though it's been nearly 4 months!!

I don't know about you but time seems to be going crazy fast at the moment, I can't believe it's nearly Christmas again and my battle cry at the moment is definitely more hours in a day please!

So as you may or may not know a lot of my time recently has been taken up with Create and Craft TV. Never in a month of Sundays did I ever think I would be guesting on TV shows, let alone doing live hours but do you want to know a secret? I'm really enjoying it! It helps that I love the products I take on; Purple Cows tools and Serif digital scrapbook artist 2 and it also helps that everyone at the studios is so lovely and so much fun to work with!

Talking of Serif digital scrapbooking, that's another never in a month of Sundays moments for me! never did I think I would love digi scrapping but I am, here's a small selection of my latest favourite pages

The software makes it so easy and creating my own papers and my own embellishments has never been more fun!

This month me and him celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary! We've been together 19years now and to be honest it seems like 5 minutes, I am a lucky girl to have met my soul mate, here's a montage of then and now

Blimey we look so young in some of those pics!! On the same day as our anniversary Sophie was born 4 years ago so we had a trip to Devon to see the grandchildren.

I went armed with a birthday tea, complete with egg sandwiches, sausage rolls and cheese and pineapple on sticks LOL Sophie decided she liked cheese puffs and chocolate cake together the best and Dylan managed to polish off most of the sausage rolls!

Way back at the end of July, when I last did a 'live' post I mentioned we were off on a cruise. Hubby was working on it so it was a cheap birthday treat for me and we had a fab time. It was a Baltic cruise, and the main reason I wanted to go, as we had 2 days in St Petersburgh Russia and it was AMAZING! We also met some great people, ate too much and endulged in the old vino LOL here is a very small collection of photos (you can only imagine how much I could bore you with more!)

Back in September I was honoured to be featured in the September issue of Craft Stamper magazine in their stamping for scrapbookers section with an image transfer technique, here's my layout

Keep your eye out for more features in 2011

I mentioned Christmas earlier and in this household that can only mean one thing ... it's panto season ... oh yes it is!!! Hubby is in Bristol again this year at the Hippodrome with the lovely Barbara Windsor and back in September we spent a couple of days in Bristol for the launch

Rehearsals start next week and it opens at the beginning of December. It's going to be a goodie!

October saw the end of my 2010 workshops at Bee Crafty :( I've had a fab year with the girls there and all that attended the workshops, I particularly liked it went Santa came to visit when we made the light up Christmas tree :)

Let's see what 2011 brings!!

2011 is filling up with bookings too. I'll be at Stitches in February, Olympia in March, Scrap-a-mia in May and sparkle dreams in October, check out the side bar for details and any additional info and I'm also working on something exciting that I hope to bring you all soon :)

And that's it really, the last 4 months kind of caught up on, life is mighty busy but I can't complain because life is good and at the end of the day I am getting to do what I really love .... create!

So all that's left for me to say is ... 'and finally' ...

The boys are doing really good, they make me laugh every day and are my best friends. Ollie recently went through it a bit following an op, he was very poorly and did put me and Stan through a week of trauma but I am happy to report he is back to normal and terrorising us as ever! (thankyou to all those that sent well wishes during all that via email, blog, facebook and daisy trail!) As you can imagine I have many, many photos of my fur babies so here are just a few collaged together so you don't lose the will LOL

I've really enjoyed this visit with you and thanks for stopping by, I've missed this 'live' blogging and will try and pop back soon to do it again!!In the meantime I have some DT posts coming up so hopefully I'll *see you* then. I hope you've all been keeping well and happy yourselves and until soon Happy Crafting
M x

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  1. Hi Michelle, you have been a busy bunny, good to see all's well with you, look at your gorgeous boys, LOL :0) xx