Monday, 19 September 2011

A new look at last!

Hi all

Well finally I got round to some redecorating, what do you think? I think I quite like it but need to 'live in it' a while to decide :) So along with the new look comes the new intention to pop in more for a chat .... well that's the intention .... time will tell!

As I'm here I thought I'd stay for a little catch up. At the moment life really is crazy busy but all good. These past few days I've been playing with some of the new Glitz Designs goodies creating 3 workshop classes for 3 Jolly Scrappers next weekend ...

....what you doing next Sunday? Fancy coming along to play?

Last week I was published in Hebrew on an Israeli scrapbook site with this...

A pop up family tree!

Last month me and hubby went to the Rewind festival (I think I mentioned that in my last Glitz post, on face book and to anyone who will listen to me LOL) We had the BEST time and I did promise to share some pics so here we go ... hold on to your leg warmers there's a few :)

The sun shone, it was a great atmosphere

But it did rain a little!! Look at those spotty wellies I LOVE them!

We dried out eventually ... from the rain anyway ;)

There were some fab costumes, lots of madonnas, Adam ants and village people and so much neon!

As well as fairies .... Love this pic!

Hmmm there's that Pimms again! Followed by Moscow Mules;) Note the chairs match the wellies LOL

Hubby getting down to the average white band!

Saturdays top of the bill the AMAZING Holly Johnson ... better than ever!

And Sundays top of the bill the legend that is the Human League!

We're so going back next year just waiting for those tickets to go on sale, don't care who's on it'll be great ... heh it's the 80's!

Random picture alert! Just taken this off of hubby's phone ....

How idyllic is that pic, it was a perfect blue sky one afternoon when we were walking the boys and corn fields for miles ... bliss!

Talking of the boys let's talk ... and finally

This is the park in Stratford - Upon - Avon where we walk the boys sometimes by the river ... look at the haircut on those trees, weird huh!

Stanley Dervish ready for the off

Joined by Oliver Pickles not to be left out!

I think that's enough of a catch up for now :) It's been nice to chat ... I'll try and do it again soon .... honest guv! I do know however that I will definitely be back on Thursday night with a rather special post .... please pop in and see me :)

I hope you're all well and happy, thanks for dropping into the new gaff and I'll *see you* soon.
Until then as ever HAPPY CRAFTING!
M x


  1. Awww!! Love the pop up tree.....but loving the wellies and how they match with the chairs even more!! :)
    n xox

  2. Loving your new look and the matching chairs and wellies ;)

    The pop up family tree is amazing, good luck with your workshop next week.