Monday, 9 June 2014

A small addition, a huge upheaval .... My crafty Space!

Hi all

A couple of months ago I treated myself to this little beauty

I had a Craft Robo but have been coveting the Silhouette for a while ... got to move with the times right? Well that was my justification :D The only thing was I couldn't get it on my table to leave out and plugged in all the time (the only sure way it gets used ... you know what I mean!) so I had to have a re arrange in the studio which resulted in this

Total carnage of my front room

and dining room .... well basically the whole house! Good job hubs was away!

What seemed like such a small job seemed to take forever but with no where to sit I had to complete it once I'd started!

And suddenly the new look studio took shape!

And I seem to gain so much more space!

I love my room now, it feels so nice to work in it .... and I've even managed to keep it tidy (ish) since
though I do have a pile of 'stuff' to go in the storage room upstairs squirreled away at the moment until I know the pesky mouse visitor has vacated the area so I can get round to that job (I actually think the mouse family has left but it's a good excuse not to do more sorting and tidying .... shhhh don't tell anyone ;))

And there is the little beauty that caused all the trouble sitting on the table in technology corner! I haven't had a huge amount of time to play with it but I love it and it is the perfect partner to go alongside my Serif digi crafting ... and yes for all you serifers I will get round to posting a quick tutorial on my version of how I use them together, and it is super easy .... well it has to be, it's me :D

So that's my room and a little slice in a day in my life! Thanks for popping by, I hope you're well and happy. I will be back soon but until then, as ever
Happy Crafting


  1. Well done you and I promise I won't tell a soul. Actually I love both Serif and my Silhouette Portrait and use them together a lot. I didn't bother getting the designer software for the Silhouette because I just do my designing in the Serif, export as a svg file and then convert it to a dxf file to take it into the Silhouette. Easy peasy and wonderful results.

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  3. Room look s great . That's what I need to do tidy mine up .,, just need the time .love my Serif. Am not quite as lucky as you I only have craft robo .but I lwould ove the silhouette .am working on other half as my birthday is in August ..fingers crossed .but I use my craft robo every time I get chance x x

  4. well done tidy house tidy mind and all that!! unlike me, i craft in the lounge have drawers under the stairs and have totally taken over what was my daughters room i never know where anything is and keep buying to add to the chaos, have put a no spend plan in action while i use some of the stash and decide what i prefer to use and get rid of the impulse buys!!!

  5. I am sat here green with envy. You lucky thing, having a room with so much light and space. I am halfway through setting up my craft room/studio, but I have so many boxes and nowhere to stack them - except on the floor. Happy crafting; and all the best with the Silhouette. I know that you are au-fait with Serif software, but you might find Inkscape a useful addition - plus it's free.

  6. Studio looks lovely. Enjoy the Cameo I love mine.

  7. Can't wait to see what you do. I love my Cameo but haven't yet combined it with Serif. Ha ha, my living looks like yours during the re-org, all the time. I don't have a craft room but keep adding crafty bits and bobs!!