Monday, 16 June 2014

Paint me a picture

Hi All

Well I've been painting! The miraculous thing about tidying my studio and creating a new space is I have found things that have been ... shall we say .... neglected and I have found myself wanting to play.

Its been quite a little voyage of re discovery, finding things I've forgotten and almost forgotten how to do but it has been so lovely, kind of going back to the beginning and reminding myself of sitting in the art room at school in Mr Hukins class after hours with my Bessie Jane and just painting!

Even that little yellow teacup that holds my painty water holds so many memories. It was one of a set that used to live in our caravan when I was a little girl and I treasure the memories of going away with my family. The cups and saucers would come out at breakfast time. I would have a milky cup of tea and one sugar lump which fascinated me as I watched the tea soak into it, we only ever had sugar lumps in the caravan that I remember and it makes me happy that somehow I have got to save this little cup and saucer which now sits proudly in all its slightly chipped, painty glory on my drawing board.

And I am spoilt with the views from my window while I work, inspiration indeed!

And what are my painted flowers for? Well my crafty friends that remains to be seen .... soon :D

That's the end of this little wistful post, I just wanted to share a little bit of my crafty life with you, thanks for popping by and I hope you're well and happy. I'll *see you* soon so until then, as ever
Happy Crafting

PS There will be more Serif and project tutorials and frequently asked questions posts coming soon, life's got a little busy at the mo but when I can grab some time I will get them online .... bare with me for the time being please ... thankyou muchly ;) M x


  1. I didn't know you could paint - this is awesome!!!

    1. Surprise :D I have a few hidden talents LOL Miss you girlie! M x