Monday, 6 October 2014

A catch up Mash up

Hi all

I thought I would drop by today with a bit of a catch up of bits and pieces since my last visit ... hence the title 'mash up' I have been doing so well being organised with my blog posts ... even shocked myself :D but life and work got the better of me the last couple of weeks and I missed my Cyber Monday date last week so here's a little of what I have been up to ;)

At the end of September I had a day in the studio at Create and Craft with ....

The Serif 2015 calendar collection, Cottage Arts (beautiful) Masks and Art backgrounds and the Daisy Trail 2014 collection (and of course Craft Artist 2 Professional) A perfect combination for creating Christmas pressies this year whether you use photos or not, and if you're doing Christmas craft fairs .... say no more :D (Calendars and DT collection unlimited angel policy as long as you create your designs yourself and cottage arts is 200 of one design ... fill your boots I say LOL)

I managed some Me time in my studio

and even if I say so myself I LOVE my flowerpots! One of those things that I look at and am really proud of! A bit of mixed media going on here with watercolour pencils and pastels (thanks to Cat Bennett for reminding me to mix it up in Greece!)

I then created a couple of projects that I really enjoyed doing for the Scrap365 blog

Hop on over (after you finish here :)) and check out the step by steps on the blog and let your imagination go and create some of your own Mexicana .... go on the sequins are calling!! And while you're there look at the right hand side at the top and grab yourself the FREE copy of our new digital magazine .... AMAZING!!!

Then it was more show prep time! Most of the time I work in my craft studio (yes I know I'm lucky to have my own room!) But sometimes I like to sit on the sofa and watch telly while I'm creating (the beauty of digi crafting!)

Sometimes though the woofs get bored :D step 1 ... the paws on the mat and the stare

Step 2 the half body on the mat and the stare under the eyebrows

Step 3 the 'you will pay attention to me' stare

Step 4 'ok I am going to sleep on your hand so you can't move it' LOL Ollie did get his own way eventually and I took them for a walk after getting Stan out of his bed where he had retired having abandoned all hope LOL

And what was I prepping for? The amazing craftscape collection which launched on Create and Craft on 2nd October

This is a page I made live on air with Dean Wilson as my guide :D (the text is using the font Galeforce as lots of you have asked!)

And this is one of my favourites from Twilight forest .... I will share more images and a project tutorial or two soon ;) I just love the kits ,I think they are genius and I can't wait to see what you all do with them!

And finally after the very busy launch I went to Seaton Carew with the boys for a walk on the beach the next day to clear the cobwebs

and beautiful it was too! Although rain was around it was a beautiful Autumn afternoon and the beach and sky just seemed to go on forever! These moments in time are so precious aren't they?

And that's it, all caught up so far, as I said I will be preparing some project tutorials soon and I have some frequently asked questions to answer! Thanks for popping by, I hope you are well and happy and as ever, until soon,
Happy Crafting

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