Tuesday, 6 April 2010

A class, a workshop and a sneak peek!

Hi all!

I know miracles do happen and here I am again already!!! I thought I'd drop by to continue my catch up photos and share with you some things coming!!

1st up are you around the Evesham area on Saturday??? I know of a lovely craft shop you could visit where they will give you tea and cakes and even a buffet lunch .... plus you get to spend the day with me :) erm excuse me keep reading .... thankyou!! Yep I am teaching a full day workshop at Bee Crafty and I happen to know we have a couple of spaces left, why not treat yourself to a day out? ... oh the class, yes right, got carried away thinking about the home made cakes yum! ... I will be workshopping my fairy castle ...

A pop up delight

It'll be lots of fun so see you there?

2nd here is a sneak peek of the two classes I will be teaching at the Scrapping Angels retreat 24th-25th April alongside the lovelies: Anna Bowkis, Tracie Hudson and Sandie Vincent

A shabby chic piece of home decor full of Glitzy goodness and scrappy techniques

and a layout that proves distressing doesn't have to be dirty and grungy it can be pretty too :)

I'm really looking forward to the weekend and meeting up with old friends and making new ones!

3rd remember I said I was teaching two places at once the other weekend while I was at Olympia I had a 2 page class kit for the Crafty Stash crop. I've had some lovely messages from the ladies that went to the crop and thankyou all for letting me know you enjoyed my designs :)


All Roads lead to you

Both layouts were created from the gorgeous Glitz Detour range.

And finally .... Stan seems to have developed a complex after his recent road trip. People kept laughing at his lack of nose so he tried one on for size ...

The inside of a gaffa tape roll

'What do you think of the side view mum'

'you see you're still laughing at me!'
Oh he does amuse us and soon there will be double trouble eek!

Oh I just remembered before I go Hubby's pantomime has just been officially announced (remember that bizarre double 'show biz' life I lead LOL) and finally I can let the cat out of the bag ... he will be in Bristol again at the Hippodrome but the kicker is this year he will be starring alongside Barbara Windsor ... how exciting!!!

OK I'll leave you in peace now, thanks for stopping by and I'll *see you* soon until then Happy Crafting

M x

PS Mustavcoffee (wish I knew your real name LOL) I'm glad you were excited to be picked as the winner, please email me mjm@jackson-mogford.freeserve.co.uk so I can get your giveaway goodies off to you :) M x


  1. Those Crafty Stash LO's are great and the sneak peeks look lovely as well. Was giggling at Stan's piccies. Can't believe the panto is announced already as well.

  2. Hi there Michelle, have emailed yesterday and today! hope you get at least one of them ;-D it may be in your junk folder!!!!!
    You're right I am excited.......... LOL

  3. I may have put a spanner in the works as I labeled my email 'Prize'..... well it felt like a prize to me!!!!!
    Hugs XX

  4. Hey lovely Mustavcoffee I didn't get either email yet :( maybe prize was a spanner and it got zapped into the cyber ether!!! Try and email again with contact details in the subject line ... do you think that will confuse the spam thingy??? LOL .. hope you check these comments and get this message :) M x

  5. Hello again Michelle,

    I have emailed once more he he! and left the spanners out this time??(I hope) ;D
    The title is.......Mustavcoffee,contact details..... surely it'll arrive this time?
    I used..mjm@jacksonmogford.freeserve.co.uk...............Looks right to me!

    so hands off! cyber thingy,
    Hugs x

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