Saturday, 17 April 2010

who stole them????

... come on own up the last 10 days of my life where did they go?? It seems them upstairs are having a big joke with me at the moment and I can quite honestly say hand on heart I don't know where the last 10 days went!!!

I know I had a fab time teaching at Bee Crafty, the Fairy castle class went really well although I don't know if the girls will ever forgive me for all the cutting out LOL but we had a lot of laughs and a yummy buffet lunch, thanks Sam, oh and I now have an addiction to cheese straws LOL Next month is my reverse canvas class won't you join us??

I know I had a mad day of Housework (sorry to swear!) and cutting the grass on Sunday, well the sun was shining and it makes you feel like daft activities like that doesn't it? days when you can throw open the windows and shout 'hello spring'.

I know hubby came home on Monday for what we thought was 36 hours that ended up being 12! And I made a yummy dinner although the chilled out evening of wine and films went awry with the opening of the chinese laundry and evil paperwork to be done while he was around!

And I know I have been creating like a creating thing, although some of it I can't share at the moment! I also know I am in Yorkshire Dog sitting Stan's sister for mum and dad who are having a weekend in Belgium and Stan is in his element and I do know that hubby is stuck in Egypt! Grounded along with thousands of others ... wonder when I will see him again???

I also know that you need to go and check out It's a creative world. The new post is up for this months entry for the simple things project that I am a guest for. This months word is Honesty and I love seeing how all the girls interpret it and their creativity in doing so!
Last month was TIME and I ran out of that very thing to get my post up so I sneaked it in this month :)

and this is my HONESTY offering

More pictures and descriptions can be seen over at IACW

and I can't resist giving you a sneak peek of something I have been working on

I had a scrappy time with some gorgeous Glitz papers and will share full pics when I can!

Right I'm off to walk the woofs in the woods, I love being 'home' where I grew up although it does feel rather odd and strange to re live things iykwim!!! I have decided to give up looking for those missing days and hopefully will be back before too many more are stolen!

Thanks for stopping by and until soon Happy Crafting

M x


  1. Love the IACW things and had a giggle at time sneaking in at the end. The sneak peek loks fab, can't wait to see it unveiled.

  2. Hi There, sounds crazy Michelle but wonderful too. Have received my blog candy, Thank you so much, what a lucky lady I am! I can't wait to get started my efforts may not be up to much but I enjoy having a go! Hope the craziness calms down for a while, have a GREAT weekend, Big hugs xxx