Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Who let the dogs out?

Ok sorry for that, I was trying to think of a witty title as looking back on this post it is quite 'doggy' so we'll move swiftly on shall we? ... good :)

As I said in my last post I would share some of my Yorkshire photos after I had gone through them, well that would make it a very long post indeed so I have picked just a few that have special memories for me so I don't bore you .... you'll just have to visit Yorkshire to see it for yourself ;)

This is on the top of Danby Beacon, the views are breath taking, though very difficult to capture on camera ... well for a novice like me anyway!

I love it up here, I have memories of painting sheep with Gran (well not painting the actual sheep, painting them on canvas LOL) when I was little and it's where I learnt to drive with my Dad in Mum's little mini ... oh so long ago!!!

This is the bridge at Lealholm

Another pretty little village that has hardly changed over the years and through that bridge is the river bank where I used to go fishing with my Dad, and the stepping stones are just round the corner

And this is the beach at Redcar, you may spot 2 little woofs rock pooling

.... they got oh so soggy!!! But we had sooooo much fun :)

Ok tourist pics over with, moving on to some work now ...

When I was here last I was very remiss not to direct you here to see a most lovely review that was written about me and my stand at Olympia Stitch and Craft show on Craft Critique. I met the lovely Fabrizio at the show with his friends and we had such a lovely chat, thanks Fab for your lovely words :)

Today my work has been lurking over at the Purple Cows pasture

Yep a very ickle Stan :)

Don't forget when you pop over there you can download the free PDF instructions for any of the projects the most talented Cow Girls have produced!! Go on fill your boots, well your document file LOL

And the other day I was lurking over at the Banana Frog Lilly pad with my project of the day

More pics and instructions can be found here and the last part of the Sketch challenge went live....

This was my offering, yep Stan again, pictures over the past year, the lovely all about arrows stamp set and yummy Glitz Detour papers.

We have another Banana Frog blog hop on the 30th, don't miss out, there may be prizes aswell as amazing inspiration from my fellow froglets AND there is a Birhday party at Froggy HQ on the 1st of May ... and you guessed it more prizes and exciting new releases ... put the dates in your diary ... see you there :)

Do you remember in the last post I mentioned a lovely thankyou card I had from my blog giveaway winner? well she has given me permission to share it with you

It just makes me smile ... thanks mustavcoffee :)

And finally!!! .....

Look who came home yesterday

Oliver Pickles! He is so ickle and cute and feisty and Stan is not over convinced at all, I think mainly because he is so tiny!!

This was the first time they met ..

Little and Large LOL I can't believe Stan looked like that just over a year ago!

And this was today when they actually played a bit ...

Hugging or biting each others ears off?????

So that's it my lovely bloggy friends, the end of my dog orientated post ... Thanks for stopping by, I hope you are all well and happy and until the 30th when I'll be here for the Frog hop Happy Crafting

M x


  1. All Oliver needs is an Ewok suit and he would be sorted. Fab photos and you forget Stan was so small. I'm still ironing lol (which will make sense when you check in at ninja HQ!)

  2. Oliver Pickles is soooooooo cute. Playing? Looks like Stan has him in a neck lock to me;)
    I love the Stan LO.
    ....and another coincidence I learnt to drive in my Mum's mini too!

  3. My my you have been a busy lady, I've visited purple cows and read Fabrizio's review, well deserved praise Michelle ;-) lovely page for the Lily Pad sketch, I think I recognise those papers from your father's Birthday card, yes, love 'em!
    Your little canine friends are great fun, how do you find time for it all?
    Loving the inspiration, keep up the good work, xx

  4. ahhhh, those doggies are so flippin' cute. Just thought I would pop in and see how you were doin! xx