Friday, 25 March 2011

The Art Tart DIY CD collections

Hi all

How are you? I hope the sun is shining with you today, doesn't life seem so much better when the sun shines?? I seem to have been so busy these past few months, chasing myself coming back that it's been difficult to think straight but with the sun shining and spirits lifted I think it's about time for a shake up on many levels ;)

I feel I have neglected my little corner of blogdom of late and my poor website is in desperate need of some TLC so there will be spring cleaning and re vamping going on over the next few weeks!

I also feel I have neglected the crafter within me of late but never fear the craftiness inside is waking up and I am cooking up lots of very 'Michelle' things that will become the focus of my attention going forward .. isn't it all too easy to get bogged down with things sometimes? But no more! I am flinging my arms wide and embracing new challenges with a spring in my step!

I had a great time at the Olympia stitch and craft show last weekend and I think that was also a big 'wake up and take stock moment' for me as I had a gallery of my work out,things I had forgotten about and things that I miss! I had great workshops and met some lovely people .... all the lovely comments did me a power of good so thankyou to all the great people who crossed my path! I will share workshop photos soon but first the other thing I want to share from the show are the 2 DIY project CD collections I produced for the show.

Each CD contains 4 of my full step by step DIY projects with templates and 11 bonus projects of workshops I have done over the past year oh and also 290 photos of my gallery for you to peruse, scrap lift and hopefully be inspired by. Many people have asked me for a book of my stuff and at the moment this is the best way for me to share :) They were made as a limited edition for the show so there is only limited stock so please pop on over to the shop on my website and grab a bargain. Each CD is £10.00 that's 15 projects (A single DIY project has been on sale for £5.00 - £7.50) for a bargain price (and no P&P when posting within the UK) Here's the pics of the covers so you get an idea of what's on offer ...

The back cover is the same on CD 2 just blue LOL

There are more DIY projects being cooked up at the moment and lots more exciting things, watch this space, that crafter within is taking over LOL.

And Finally just before I go the other thing I have neglected is sharing photos of the terrible twosome Stan and Ollie, they are as adorable and funny as ever and I will share lots more of their antics soon, in the meantime here are my boys ...

Thanks for letting me waffle on :) and thanks for popping by, don't forget to pop on over to the website to snag a CD bargain .... the website will be going off line in a week or so for it's overhaul and spring clean so grab em while you can!

I'll be back soon, I hope you're all well and happy and as ever Happy Crafting!
M x

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