Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Oops I did it again!!

Oops I did it again!! Is that song in your head now? ... sorry ;) So I knew it had been a while since I had been here but cannot believe how long that while has been, again! .... Where does time go? Oh I know it’s called life LOL

Life’s been a little busy since I was here last so I am going to attempt a whistle stop tour of what I have been up to. Don’t worry I have split up my posts into chunks so I won’t hit you with a month and a half in one go! So shall we start from where I left?

We were off to the Rewind 80’s festival last you heard and attempting a weekend under canvas for the first time! Well we went, we had a fab time and we survived

The weather couldn’t have been better after all the rain we had had up until then, it ended up being the weekend of the summer and temperatures reached 30 where we were in Henley, in fact the sun was so fierce it was like being back in the Amazon and it actually burnt me through my cut off jeans on the Sunday!!

The Pimms flowed freely and the bands were great my faves were Adam Ant, Midge Ure, Tony Hadley, Rick Astley (yep that’s a surprise to me too!) Jimmy Somerville, Sinita rocked it and looked amazing! Marc Almond (how I wish I could bottle the joy that oozed from that man!) and OMD closed the weekend in style.

And the Glamping? Well the cloudhouse was brilliant be decked with a double bed already made up for us and festooned with fairy lights and I think we coped really well, I enjoyed it lots but don’t think Hubs is over convinced to be running out and buying a tent just yet LOL and the saving grace of the weekend were the posh loos we paid for run by a company called ‘When Nature calls’ worth every single penny and more!!

The next thing, once were home, was we built an instant garden

No kidding! 4 days of hard graft and buying plants et voila ;) The border had turned to jungle, the point of no return and the weeds had loved the wet summer so hero hubs did some man gardening and cleared it all out, weed control material was laid followed by many bags of gravel and confused woofs, plants in pots, Angelina in place and the new addition, a present from hubs, our happy little Buddha! I am very proud of our little garden area and even more proud that the plants have actually been growing and I haven’t managed to kill any....yet! I was not blessed with green fingers although I do believe there is a gardener somewhere in me trying to get out LOL

We then had the girls to stay

Our lovely nieces! My sister and the girls visited mum and dad near the end of August and I took great pleasure in having them all round for a family Sunday lunch to christen the house. The girls stayed with us for a couple of days, we visited Flamingo Land, as you can see the weather was ‘fresh’ but we had a great time and we visited the Maritime experience in Hartlepool, well worth a visit!

Just  before the girls came to stay I went to the Serif offices for training on the new Craft artist 2 software (that’s for another post) and I was prepping for a 4 day deal on Create and craft TV with the Daisy Trail Aviary kits from Serif
Aviary English garden digi kit
Aviary Exotic digi kit
Aviary Fables digi kit

 And kits from the Lovely Angie Hinksman

Created with the Cool Britannia kit from Angies collection, That's my friend playing behind Robbie, Colour Sgt Beckett MBE, so proud of him and the blended photo in the background is the band playing at the Jubilee concert.

So that takes us into the beginning of September and the end of this post that kind of grew with my waffle ... sorry but I can’t help myself once I get chatting ;)

I’ll leave you in peace now with this little thought

created with Angi Hinksman true Romantics digi kit

I hope you’re well and happy, thanks for stopping by and hopefully see you soon for the rest of my ‘little’ catch up (and the posts will be there, I am scheduling them now LOL)

As ever until soon

Happy Crafting

Love MJM x


  1. Great to see the photos and it looks like you have had a fab time. Well worth the lack of blogging. Take Care.

  2. Scheduling hey?!! Getting jiggy with it :-)
    Thanks for the light hearted happy post - it was fun to read about your antics. You were mega lucky with the weather on your glamping trip - we'd all do it every weekend if the weather was like that :-)