Wednesday, 10 October 2012

A crazy launch

Hi there and welcome to my little corner of blogdom.
I have been on a catch up of my little life in my last few posts as I was absent from my corner of cyber space for about a month and a half, I thought I would explain that if you have just stumbled across this and wonder what’s going on, however if you’ve been keeping up with me let the story continue .....

Most of September was taken up with the launch of Craft Artist 2 professional

The superb graphic software I demonstrate on Create and Craft TV. We launched it as a blockbuster on the 14th of September alongside a Pick of the week which was a superb collection of royalty free graphic brushes and stamps (I REALLY like them!) I am pleased to say it was a massive success and a crazy week and a half and thrilled we have welcomed thousands more into the Craft Artist world.

Here are some of the pages I created when I was learning the new bits...

A page about our trip to the Rewind 80’s festival using the new software, the daydream digi kit included and some of those graphic stamps. The background is a full photo blend into the background paper, all done with the touch of a button.

A page about that instant garden I told you about again using the kit included in the software and some of those graphic stamps. Notice the little blue bird in the sky? That’s a graphic stamp re-coloured and digitally decoupaged with one of the new software tools and the clouds are painted with one of the software’s digi brushes.

My nieces when they visited in August when we went to the maritime experience. I’ve used the new re-colouring tools on this one (I really love the new re-colouring capability) alongside the included digi kit and yes more of those graphic stamps

How cool is this? One of the new Digi punches in the software that makes anything into a jigsaw image. I’ve also used one of the graphic styles to ‘stamp’ the background, yes you can actually make things look like they have been stamped and even get the faded look like you do when you need to re-ink the stamp!

So if you haven’t got your hands on this amazing piece of software why not go and check it out, I think it’s amazing and not just because I demonstrate it, as a designer I can do so much with it but don’t need to know how it works as it’s all done with the touch of a button, oh and don’t be put off by the ridiculously low price you will be amazed at what this little beauty does.

Right that’s me for this post I’m going to leave you with a little love

Digi punch, Digi decoupage, graphic style on the middle heart that started out as a black graphic get the picture ;)

Thanks for stopping by, I hope this post finds you well and happy and I hope you’ll stop by soon for a little more catch up (nearly there LOL) Until then as ever

Happy Crafting

Love MJM x


  1. Thanks so much for all the Craft Artist inspiration Michelle - here and on C&C. Being a lover of paper and ink it caught me by surprise just how much I use Craft Artist in my projects these days. It has really become an essential.

  2. These are lovely LOs. You've been really busy.