Saturday, 13 October 2012

All aboard the paperarts tour bus!

Hi there, ready to continue our catch up journey? I told you my little life had been a little busy in my recent absence from here ;) Never fear though we are now three quarters of the way into September!

In the midst of the Craft Artist 2 mega launch on Create and Craft I toddled off to Swindon to teach at the Paperarts on tour retreat
and I have to tell you I had the best time! I only wish that I hadn’t had to leave after my second class on the Saturday to get back to Peterborough. I could have quite happily stayed for the rest of the weekend and scrapped to my heart’s content! The delegates were fab, people I’ve known for a while and new friends made. The teachers were great too and I was honoured to be alongside such talent as well as getting to meet some in real life that I have been friends with online for a while. Sue and Rachel did a fantastic job with it all too, the hotel was lovely, the food great, the classrooms spacious, the crop room huge and open for as long as people used it not to mention the shop full of too many goodies for one scrapbooker deprived of being in a real life shop for too long! And not only that they are lovely people with such an attention to detail to make it a perfect weekend. I know I may be gushing a bit but trust me it was great and it had such a happy atmosphere. I know they’re planning next year’s already so maybe you should jump on the bus!!

These are the classes I taught


Not my usual colour scheme but I asked Sue to put kits together for me, I don’t like that bit and I like a challenge too, it makes me think outside the box and I'm really pleased with the result

The kit included viva decor inka gold paste, if you haven’t played with it yet give it a go, something completely different! On the layout we used it on the chipboard shapes once we had papier mached them with loo roll (classy me ;)) to create an almost metallic look.

The second class was this one

A snapshot of happiness

Remember that book page I posted back in August? Can you spot it?

We had lots of stencil and stamp paint for this layout which we stencilled with, smeared, stamped with cups and splattered, a good messy time was had by all ;)

Now I did take my camera with me but as ever useless me forgot all about taking pics until right at the end of the last class ....I know what kind of scrapbooker am I? So all I have is this one photo of the last men standing in class (well Katy Fox and Penny alongside some other lovelies LOL)

So if you were there and you are reading this thanks for a great weekend, I had a blast!

That’s it for this post, one more catch up to get us to the end of September so until then as ever I hope you’re well and happy, thanks for stopping by and until next time

Happy Crafting

Love MJM x


  1. This looks great glad it went well.

  2. Loved your Inspirational and Snapshot of Happiness classes, Michelle. Learnt some new (to me) techniques - and it was a lot of fun. Hope to see you at the next PA on Tour (which I've already booked for!) Sharon (Larkin)

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