Monday, 8 October 2012

Still on my little life catch up!

Here I am again with another little life catch up ;) I’m going back a bit now from the last post to talk about the beginning of September which is where I left you the blog post before last ....confused? Welcome to my world LOL

At the beginning of September there was another addition to the family

Welcome Evie the newest little person in my Step sons family, she is the floppiest baby I have ever met! She was 10lbs when she was born but surprisingly small when we went down to Devon to meet her. (At this point I will say note to self next time we visit the West Country to see hubs family we will fly, that was one heck of a car journey!) But she is obviously a considerate baby as she was born just before we were travelling down to Devon for Hubs Mums 80th birthday party so we could tie it all up in one weekend!

It was an afternoon affair set up like a tea party/street party. One end was all ‘Kath Kidson’, cupcakes and cream teas and the other end was a British street party come end of the pier fairground complete with a Punch and Judy man and games including a tin can alley and even hook a duck with colourful little ducks bobbing about in a washing up bowl LOL We also made some £1 notes (remember those?) with hubs mums face on so people paid to play the games, it was great fun for young and old alike and was something completely different.

That’s it for this post. I’ll leave you with this

A page to document the arrival of little Evie which was created with Craft Artist2 professional and the Daydream kit included in the software, more about that in the next post!

Thanks for stopping by. As ever I hope you are well and happy and I look forward to *seeing you* soon, until then

Happy Crafting

Love MJM x


  1. Love the photos. The pound notes are a great idea, I see a scrapbook page out of those.

  2. What a happy family, made me feel quite sad that mine don't care it was my 60th last November & I didn't even get a card from my 3 daughters or parents! My neighbours made my day with balloons & a cake, maybe I will make a page with those pics. Hugs Allison xx

  3. Oh that's a lovely story ..and great that you could all celebrate together ...lovely photos and a great memory page ...Sue x

  4. Lovely page for little Evie xxx We have just had a new family member too Tilly 10 and a half pounds! Whats it with these big babies... Elisabeth x

  5. What a lovely page Michelle and a lovely momentous for little Evie when she is older. We are expecting a little Granddaughter (my Step too) in 5 weeks, can't wait x
    Max x